Tightening Sagging Skin on Your Arms

Tightening Sagging Skin on Your Arms

Are you self-conscious about the loose skin at the tops of your arms? You’re not alone. Everyone has their insecurities about different parts of their body, and you may be surprised to hear that sagging skin and wobbly arms are up there on the list. As we get older, our skin loses its structural support, causing it to sag and appear loose around our arms. 

With most of us battling to either hide our arms or tone them up through arduous workouts, you will be pleased to know there is another way to achieve those toned arms you’ve always wanted. At Thread Lift Experts, we can help you tighten up your loose skin and tone up your arms throughout non-surgical, body thread lifts. Please keep reading to learn more about body thread lifts, how they work and their benefits for you!

What are Body Thread Lift Procedures?

Body thread lifts are a revolutionary aesthetic treatment that can reverse the signs of loose skin and restore youthful definition to your body. Our thread lift procedures can create a spectacular lift similar to that created for surgical treatments but without the recovery time or risks associated with going under the knife. 

Thanks to thread lift technology and skin tightening treatments, body thread lifts can not only tighten up certain areas but can also help your skin to regain its firm, voluminous appearance. You can combat your skins’ signs of ageing without going under general anaesthetic or experiencing any post-surgery discomfort.

Body thread lifts can be applied on a variety of areas including both facial and body skin. They can be used to tighten skin on a client’s arms, abdomen, buttocks, inner thighs, knees, as well as their face and neck. So if you suffer from sagging skin on your neck as well as arms, you can tackle both issues at the same time – no need to compromise!

Why Does Our Skin Sag?

As we grow older, our skin ages and begins to lose its structural integrity due to its composition. Our skin is made up of a combination of different types of protein, the most common of which is collagen. Collagen accounts for a third of our bodies’ protein and is found in our bones, muscles and tendons, as well as our skin. 

Collagen gives our skin its strength, elasticity and structure, giving us all a youthful, voluminous complexion. However, as we age, our bodies start to produce less and less, and when we’re around 70 years old, our skin’s thickness will have reduced by approximately 80%

With our skin now much thinner and weaker than it was in our youth, the skin struggles to support the tissue beneath and is consequently more vulnerable to a gravitational pull. This decline in the skin’s structural integrity causes wrinkles to form, and overtime this worsens to sagging skin under your arms.

How do Body Thread Lifts Work?

A body thread lift utilises the thread lift technology, which is now a popular alternative to surgical facelifts, and brings the same techniques into play when enhancing other areas of the body. It is non-invasive and skin rejuvenating, as threads are inserted into the body which visibly lift and tighten the skin. Rather than removing excess skin in risky surgery, thread lifts rather tighten the skin by lifting and shaping it, as well as kick-starting the natural production of collagen and elastin which improve the skin’s condition.

Our Collagen Thread Lift is perfect for bringing back some shape and firmness to your skin. If you hate the sight of your sagging skin, then a Collagen Thread Lift is the solution you need! The threads are smooth, making them ideal for bringing skin back to its natural shape, turning back time on your body. And the process of inserting them triggers the body’s natural healing process which produces collagen and elastin as a result. Collagen and elastin are key proteins in the body, the production of which decreases as we age, resulting in our aged appearance.

The threads that are used are bio-absorbable anchoring surgical threads, where the main component is Polydioxanone — a naturally occurring substance that has been used in medicine for over 25 years. A fine needle is used to insert the threads into the skin or subcutaneous fat and elevate the tissue, lifting the problem areas. 

Here at Thread Lift Experts, our walk-in-walk-out treatments are ideal for anyone looking for a minimally invasive lifting alternative, no matter what their age or gender. Our expert clinicians are trained in implementing the highest standards and the most advanced thread lift techniques, allowing you incredible, risk-free results. We use only CE-certified PDO and COG threads for our body thread lifts, ensuring they exceed medical requirements and reduce the possibility of any complications.

We are passionate about what we do and are always looking for new, innovative ways to bring our clients the very best aesthetic procedures to reverse the signs of ageing and boost their self-confidence. At Thread Lift Experts, we understand that everyone is different and requires their own unique approach. We will, therefore, tailor your treatment option to you and your body in a one-to-one consultation, guaranteeing you the best possible results. 

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