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Tightening Your Inner Thighs With Thread Lifts

While we live in a world where self-acceptance is being more openly promoted, you don’t have to conform with everyone else’s version of self-love. It can take years for people to fall in love with the way their body looks. And other people may never come to accept the image in the mirror. There is nothing wrong with these emotions, especially if you have worked hard for the body you have and are disappointed with the sagging skin hiding your well-deserved results.

When we lose a considerable amount of weight, we can be left with loose, sagging skin that just isn’t able to bounce back to the tight, firmness it once had. Similarly, when we age, the skin loses collagen and elastin, vital proteins for keeping the skin firm and healthy. Therefore, as the birthdays pass by, our skin can sag – all over our body! If you can’t learn to love this, there are alternatives you can take to gain the body you want and deserve.

The inner thighs can be an area of frustration for many of us who want a toned appearance when showing some leg at the beach or in shorts. We can be self-conscious of the way our body looks if we have sagging skin on our thighs. Rather than letting this hold you back and impact your self-confidence, there are some ways you can tackle sagging thigh skin for good.

Please keep reading to learn more about sagging skin and the ways we can help this skin tighten and firm once again with rejuvenating treatments at Aesthetics of Liverpool. Hopefully, by the end of this blog, you will have a better idea of your options and feel more optimistic about a future where you love the skin you’re in.

A Collagen Thread Lift

There are lots of different threads lifts available in the aesthetics industry, all perfect for differing needs and desired results. If you are looking to tighten the skin on your inner thighs, then we recommend collagen threads as they can kick-start the body’s natural healing process, and as a result, produce more skin tightening collagen protein!

During the procedure, medical-grade dissolvable threads are inserted into the dermis of the skin using a very fine needle. The threads have specially designed barbs which then hook onto the tissue, so that when the other end of the thread is attached to a higher point, it tightens the skin.

Once the procedure is completed, the body will begin to undergo its natural healing process now that the threads have somewhat prepositioned the tissues, leading them to be traumatised. Like with any wound, our body reacts to heal. A part of this process includes collagen stimulation, encouraging the production of new collagen cells. These collagen cells are later banked, allowing them to continue their effects post-treatment for several months as the threads dissolve. This means that the sagging skin on your thighs will remain tighter and firmer for longer, as a result of the collagen produced during and post-treatment.

What Will Be The Results of a Collagen Thread Lift?

So a collagen thread lift lifts the skin and tightens it? Will it have the same results on my thighs as it has on my face? If you have only been exposed to the facial tightening benefits of collagen thread lifts, you may not be aware that these threads can be used on multiple areas of the body.

A collagen thread lift can tighten the loose skin so that they look firm and toned, as it did back in your younger years. If you lost weight and have sagging skin as a result, a thread lift can help tighten the sagging skin so that the firm muscle you worked hard for can show through. Your skin will be left smooth, tight and more importantly, lifted, so that sagging thigh skin is a thing of the past.

Do you want to get your loose skin on your thighs under control? We can tighten your inner thighs so that your self-confidence no longer takes a hit every time you look at your body. We want people to love the skin they are in, and if they need natural aesthetic support to help enhance the beautiful features they already have, then we are here to help! Contact us today on 0151 2031393 or through our website for more information on thread lifts, how they can benefit you or to book a consultation.

During a consultation, you will be given the full details of the procedure that we feel will best suit your needs. We will also assess your skin to ensure that you are entirely suitable for a thread lift. This visit will also give you an opportunity to voice any concerns that you may have; we make it our mission to make you feel comfortable and reassured during your entire experience with us.


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