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The Mint Super Thread Lift Liverpool is the newest thread lift addition to the aesthetic industry. This adaptation of the very popular treatment has soared through Singapore and the USA in the past year. With its highly advantageous modifications, its lifting power is up to four times stronger than generic thread lifts.

The Mint Super Thread Lift is the only FDA approved thread lift in the world. We recommend this revolutionary treatment for skin conditions such as jowls, a sagging neck, prevalent lines and wrinkles and hooded eyelids. If you want to be re-introduced to your facial structure or re-define certain features that have been overridden by ageing effects, the Mint Super Thread Lift is ideal.

The Science of a Mint Super Thread Lift

A Mint Super Thread Lift in Liverpool is able to achieve immense lifting due to the threads’ patented moulding that is undergone during the manufacturing process. As opposed to the conventional barb structure of most threads lifts which use cutting technology, the MINT Super Thread Lifts’ barbs are designed with a strong core that is altered into an arrow-like structure, ordered in a helical fashion.

Because of this never-seen-before 360 degrees design, the threads are able to support and lift tissues in all directions, delivering maximum lifting. Being stronger from this adapted structure and due to them being made out of PDO (Polydioxanone), a strictly protein-based substance, the barbs grip onto a more substantial portion of tissue, enabling them to lift further for definition and firmness.

During the procedure, your face is cleansed before local anaesthetic is injected into the problem area. The threads are then inserted into the dermis of the skin using a micro-needle and attached to an anchor point. The blood flow improves in the treated area, while the barbs then begin to reposition the fatty tissues back to their original state.

An instant lift of the skin is encouraged through mechanical effects and cellular renewal through collagen stimulation and neovascularization. During this process, fibroblasts are produced, which in turn, create new collagen cells that both work alongside the Hyaluronic Acid naturally found in our bodies. In terms of skin tightening, the fatty tissues contract, leading them to fill the area and rid of cracks and sagging.

Why Mint Super Thread Lift in Liverpool?

We recommend this thread lift due to its lifting abilities that come at no cost of downtime and side effects. This safe, non-surgical procedure has been known to achieve results that have only been accomplished through surgery. Although lifting effects are dramatic, they are still natural; clients do not need to be concerned about looking overdone.

Due to the stimulation of new collagen, the threads are able to attain such results in a natural process, using only natural components already found in the body. The Mint Super Thread Lift is known for its safety; risks are very minimal compared to related procedures such as dermal fillers.


This natural protein-based substance is a synthetic polymer. It has been used in biomedical and pharmaceutical applications for years due to its extremely safe elements. It’s fully biocompatible due to our body’s already naturally producing this component. Being biodegradable, the body absorbs this substance over the course of six months.

PDO is also highly advantageous due to it not creating scar tissue; another side effect that can defer clients from specific treatments.

Immediately, clients will see an evident lift, but this will only improve over six months; the estimated time that it takes for the cycle of neocollagenesis to complete, sutures to dissolve, and optimum results to be met. After six months, clients can enjoy a tight, firm, smooth and glowing complexion that has taken years off of their appearence.

These results last from anywhere between eighteen months and three years, depending on initial condition and maintenance.

Dermal Fillers, as well as Botox, are both known for their abilities to reduce fine lines, deep folds and wrinkles that have been the consequence of movement and restoring volume loss of the face. However, cosmetic dermatology was still not met by these treatments. The Mint Super Thread Lift is a non-surgical alternative to a facelift and one that restores the natural physique of the face while making it youthful.

If a client has a case of sagging skin, The Mint Super Thread Lift can reduce this significantly, while also taking care of fine lines, wrinkles, volume loss, deep folds and dull skin.

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