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The Pressing Questions of a Thread Lift Procedure

We’ve all heard of the usual facelift surgery, better known as a Rhytidectomy, and we’re all aware of the ‘bodge jobs’ that have been a consequence of such drastic and invasive procedures. Before recent advancements, surgery was the only way to achieve tight and wrinkle-free skin effectively.

Now, we have access to a fantastic thread lift procedure which works to accomplish the same effects, but does so without the risks or downtime related to surgery. However, there are still pressing questions that come hand in hand with such a treatment, especially as it is still a significant decision to make when looking for the right anti-ageing or skin rejuvenating treatment. 

In this article, we’re going to address any pressing questions you may have about a thread lift procedure. This ensures that if you are contemplating having this non-invasive treatment to improve your skin’s quality and appearance, you will have a greater understanding of what to expect pre, during and post-procedure.

What Are The Side Effects of a Thread Lift?

This answer is very much dependent on the area being treated, as well as how drastic the thread lift is. Most clinics will administer several versions of thread lifts that work to combat specific skin conditions. Also, you are more likely to experience more drastic side effects if you have a thread lift on your stomach, as opposed to your face.

However, when we say drastic, we don’t mean to the level of a surgical procedure. Side effects may include and are not limited to mild procedural pain, oedema, bruising, swelling, tenderness, erythema. Being a non-invasive procedure, these risks are very minimal.

What Is The Downtime Period of a Thread Lift?

In terms of downtime, most clients have been known to return to their daily activities post-procedure. Discomfort is minimal, and in relation to the side effects, these will usually clear up after a few hours. In comparison to a surgical procedure, this downtime period is exceptionally appealing to clients. 

What are the Before and Afters of a Thread Lift?

Depending on the nature of the thread, your results will vary. Thread lift treatments are designed mostly to rejuvenate the skin, as well as lift it to accentuate the facial features and structure. However, as previously mentioned, there are several types of thread lifts that are designed more for one area of help.

For instance, a MINT Super Thread Lift is known for its remarkable lifting abilities, and Collagen Threads are known for their collagen renewal properties. Because of this, we cannot give you a straight-through answer as to what your results will be, especially as it is also determined by how your body reacts to the threads.

However, the certain results are that you will see an instant lift to the skin, and as the month’s pass, the improvements to the quality of the skin will continue to develop. Ultimately, after around six months, clients will be left with smooth, supple and glowing skin that is tight and firm. 

How Much Does A Thread Lift Cost?

Many factors determine how much a thread lift may cost. Firstly, if a clinician uses more threads than planned or discussed during your consultation, this could bump up the price. Also, as you can imagine, a thread lift that’s undergone on a stomach is going to increase the cost of the procedure, especially if you compare it to a thread lift taking place on the face, for instance. This is solely due to the length of the treatment all in all, as well as the number of threads needed to attain the best possible results for that size of surface area.

We hope that we have answered the pressing questions you may have about a thread lift procedure. If you have further questions or you just want to find out more on how a thread life treatment can help you with the condition of your skin, then please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0151 2031393 or through our website

Thread lifts are revolutionary treatments that are able to reinstate youthful skin but without causing damage to surrounding tissues. Being an entirely natural process, thread lifts are your best and the safest bet at attaining skin that looks, feels and is healthy.


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