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The MINT Super Thread Lift: The New Non-Surgical Face Lift

The MINT Super Thread Lift was introduced in Singapore at the end of 2018 and has quickly become one of the most popular skin lifting procedures worldwide. After its success in the US, we are now proud to offer our clients this incredible procedure at our clinics.  

Want smooth, tight skin which takes years off your face? Then the MINT Super Thread Lift is perfect for turning back time and making you feel more confident in your appearance. Please keep reading to learn more about this revolutionary treatment and the many benefits it can offer you.

A New Revolutionary Procedure

There are many different types of thread-lift treatment, with the most widely performed being the Korean PDO thread lift, which our Collagen Thread Lift is based on. However, if you want the same lifting effect but with more natural-looking contours, then opting for our new form of thread-lift procedure, the MINT Super Thread Lift, is recommended. 

In comparison to our Collagen Thread Lift, which enables us to focus on building structure to the face and neck area, our MINT Super Thread Lift enables us to the definition of a lift to a whole new level.

Improved Version of Thread Lifts

The main distinction between PDO threads is their structure; the Korean PDO thread-lift treatment promotes the use of the original thread which is unbarbed, whereas, The MINT Super Thread Lift (Minimally Invasive Non-surgical Threads) Lift thread uses innovative barbed thread. The barbed threads can then be further divided into whether they are cut or moulded.  

The MINT Super Thread Lift thread is the only FDA approved PDO thread. It is a moulded thread that has been enhanced with small arrow-shaped barbs which provide a larger surface area to connect to the skin. These barbs are also arranged differently along the thread. The arrows create a helical configuration around the absorbable threads, allowing the skin tissue to be lifted in a three-dimensional approach – resulting in astonishing results with a longer-lasting lift.

Amazing Results

As we grow older, the skin tissue and fat on our faces start to sag due to the gravitational pull. The MINT Super Thread Lift is an excellent skin rejuvenation procedure to combat this. By inserting The MINT Super Thread Lift’s threads into the upper face, threading them down to the lower face and pulling them back upwards, a clinician can achieve fantastic results with these advanced techniques.  

The MINT Super Thread Lift is able to give your skin an instant lift through its mechanical effects, while also promoting cellular renewal by collagen stimulation and neovascularization. This helps to refine your skin’s texture, reducing fine lines and increasing elasticity.  Your skin will also be tightened, due to the thread contracting your fat tissues enhancing a youthful complexion and removing any surface irregularities.

Minimal Risks

There is always a risk with any procedure you choose to have, but thread-lift treatments are known to have a reduced rate of complications due to its minimally invasive method.

Previously, the recommended procedure to counteract your ageing skin was a Rhytidectomy. A Rhytidectomy, alternatively known as the traditional surgical face-lift, is an operation that tightens the skin beneath the cheeks, jaw and neck. This is achieved by using a scalpel and a surgeon making specific incisions where the excess, and sometimes sagging, skin needs to be removed. 

Other excess muscle tissue can then be attached to a higher section of the face, resulting in a lifting effect. The Rhytidectomy procedure, therefore, comes with a lengthy recovery period, which can vary depending on the patient and area treated. Due to the patient going under the knife, the risks and complications with this procedure are greater than those of a thread-lift. These could include anaesthesia risks, the chance of infection, a nerve injury, unfavourable scarring, and even deep vein thrombosis.

There are no risks associated with the MINT Super Thread Lift, but you may experience some discomfort during and after the treatment. Other immediate side effects include slight inflammation which settles when following the advice from our doctors. For most patients, they can carry on with their typical routine directly after their treatment. 

Immediate Lift 

You don’t have to take our word for it – see the instant lift for yourself! The engineering and design of the threads used in the Mint Super Thread Lift makes this procedure a world-leading facelift with instantaneous results. And these results only get better with time as collagen and elastin production is boosted by the procedure.

With The MINT Super Thread Lift thread being approved by the FDA, this means that it is an extremely reliable technology. To become approved by the FDA, the barbed thread has been rigorously tested, passing through multiple manufacturing processes. The new technology was achieved through multiple patent mouldings and configurations, adding to the overall reliability of the product. 

If you’re blown away by the results of our MINT Super Thread Lift and would like to find out more about us here at Thread Lift Experts, contact us on 0151 2031393 or through our website. We would be more than happy to invite you to a consultation at our clinics so that we can discuss any treatments in relation to your skin’s needs. 


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