The Long-Term Effects of Thread Lifts

The Long-Term Effects of Thread Lifts

Within thread lift procedures, medical-grade threads are inserted underneath the skin’s surface to ultimately lift any sagging skin as well as reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles effectively. 

Thread lift procedures are not necessarily a new concept. They have been used in cosmetic surgery since the 1990s; however, after recent fame in the United States, thread lift procedures have dramatically increased in popularity. It is now easy to lift your confidence and your skin without having to undergo any surgery! Thread lift treatments are minimally invasive procedures which come with very little downtime, allowing you to carry on with your day-to-day routine.

Thread lifts can be performed on all parts of the body, but they are most commonly used on the face and neck region. They are known to take years off of someone’s appearance by lifting and pulling back areas of unwanted excess skin, as well as reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

One thing’s for sure, these procedures wouldn’t be so popular if it wasn’t for their exceptional results. Continue reading for the long-term effects that thread lifts can have on your skin, and maybe you will soon realise that these anti-ageing treatments are some of the most effective in the aesthetic industry.

Different Types of Thread

With the popularity of thread lift procedures sky-rocketing, it can be difficult for clients to figure out which thread lift treatment is right for them. There are different types of threads that use various shaped barbs, as well as some that feature no barbs whatsoever.

Fortunately, here at Thread Lift Experts, we can help take the headache away! Our highly-skilled clinicians will always go through all of the options available to you and offer their advice in order to assist clients with such an important decision. We want you to attain your desired results for the longest time possible!

Collagen Thread Lifts

Our bodies are made up of a variety of proteins, with collagen making up a third of it. It is this protein-led strengthening component that keeps your facial skin looking young, plump and supple. As we grow older, our bodies’ collagen levels reduce, and our skin begins to struggle to hold the facial tissue underneath, resulting in sagging and wrinkles. In order to combat these natural signs of ageing, our Collagen Thread Lifts encourage new collagen cell production by kickstarting the body’s natural healing process.

Our Collagen Threads are made from a protein-based substance known as PDO (Polydioxanone). This substance is able to relax the face’s tendons and muscles while triggering the body’s natural healing process. 

As the threads are inserted, our blood flow improves in the area of skin undergoing treatment. Then, the body naturally produces fibroblasts in response to the Collagen Thread imitating a wounding effect on the skin. This increase of fibroblasts causes the body to produce more collagen, resulting in our skin becoming tighter and firmer over a long period of time after the collagen has been banked.

This treatment allows you to re-build your natural levels of collagen, creating a voluminous look as your body naturally restores its skin’s strength, elasticity and structure. Collagen Thread Lifts are a great solution for reconstructions to the facial and neck areas with minimal risk of scarring and recovery period, as they are inserted more superficially into the skin.

MINT Super Thread Lifts

The MINT (Minimally Invasive Non-Surgical Thread) Super Thread Lift is unrivalled for creating a revolutionary mechanical lift. Unlike a Collagen and PDO thread lift, MINT Super Thread Lifts reposition the fat under the surface of the skin, creating a lifted, firmer and tighter appearance to the skin.

Not only can you walk away with instant results from thread lift procedures, but as our threads are created from Collagen and PDO, a protein-based substance, your thread lift will only get better with time! Several weeks after your treatment, your skin’s tissue will continue to renew its appearance through the same natural healing processes. 

Our threads stimulate the renewal of skin cells through a process called collagen stimulation, as well as through neovascularization. Both of these processes improve on your skin’s texture by counteracting fine lines and increasing its elasticity. 

With a MINT Super Thread Lift, the overall integrity of the thread is much more advanced than our Collagen and PDO threads. This is due to its composition of an arrow-shape figure that’s positioned in a helical fashion. Our MINT Super Thread has much more lifting potential from its barbed characteristics. 

Being a moulded barbed thread, the MINT Super Thread has a much larger surface area, allowing for more contact between the thread and your tissue. The tiny hooks down the length of the thread are able to lift a substantial portion of skin in a three-dimensional approach with help from its unique 360-degree pattern! When compared to other forms of conventional cut threads, these barbed threads become blunt and start to curl after a couple of weeks.

And, you don’t have to take our word for it! The MINT Super Thread is the only FDA approved thread lift in the industry and is used all over the world. The more common form of surgical-threads are produced with a cutting technology; however, MINT Super Threads are created through patented moulding. 

How many thread lifts will I need to have in the future?

With a MINT Super Thread Lift, maintenance is needed to keep the threads secure. Unlike dermal fillers and BOTOX® which require top-ups around 3-6 months apart, a MINT Super Thread Lift can last for two to three years! In regards to The Collagen Thread Lift and PDO Thread Lifts, these can also last up to a year or so.

Worth the money

With its moulded barbs, our expertly-trained clinicians can achieve many centimetres of upward, backward traction with our MINT Super Thread Lifts. Thread lift procedures cost, on average, 40% of a traditional facelift; so, they have an incredible lifting effect for a fraction of the price. Not to mention, you don’t have to go anywhere near a scalpel! 

Additionally, MINT Super Thread Lift procedures continue to have an effect after they have dissolved. After 6-9 months, the MINT Super Threads are absorbed by the body’s water and carbon dioxide; but, as our MINT Super Thread promotes collagen stimulation and neovascularisation, the results will continue to last for another two to three years depending on the patient’s skin condition. The thread lift’s lasting effect is also dependent on the age of the patient and how much sagging was corrected.

The rejuvenation effect from thread lift procedures increases with the number of threads that are used, and the number of thread-lift operations that are performed over the years. To further enhance and extend the results of the thread lift procedure, additional booster threads can be inserted at a later time. However, these additions are optional, and some clients won’t need any additions between annual appointments. 

Have the long-term effects of thread lifts sold you? With minimal scarring and downtime, thread lifts are a fantastic option for patients looking to achieve instant and natural-looking results after only one treatment session! If you’re looking for a cost-effective treatment to answer all your skin related problems, look no further than our range of thread lift treatments. Find out more about us here at Thread Lift Experts on our website, or contact us today on 0151 2031393.


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