The Best Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

The Best Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

One very prominent consequence of ageing has to be wrinkling. Wherever you may find them, on the cheeks, around the mouth (Smile Lines, Marionette Lines or Vertical Lip Lines) or even at the sides of your eyes (Crows Feet), they are a common issue as we age and they are usually one that we don’t take a liking to. 

Wrinkles tend to occur when the skin can no longer support the facial tissue, which is why the first signs of wrinkles tend to appear on a person’s face as a result of facial expressions. Creases, folds or ridges are all different names that are given to wrinkles, and the face isn’t the only area of the body that suffers from them appearing. 

Although there may already be solutions such as Botox which work to counteract this issue, what if we told you that there are even more effective ways to banish your wrinkles? Continue reading this blog if you want to find out more about these unwanted lines, why they form and what you can do to relinquish them. Here at Thread Lift Experts, we have several thread lift treatments on offer to our clients that work wonders in skin rejuvenation and anti-ageing. If you want to find out why we are confident in our practices over the usual Botox, stay tuned.

How Do Wrinkles Form?

Overexposure to UV light can quicken the effects of ageing, especially wrinkles as the sunlight’s high energy is significantly damaging to our cells and tissues. Therefore, our skin can no longer withstand the damage, and in turn, it begins to crease.

Secondly, smoking can significantly quicken the process of forming wrinkles. This is due to the nicotine found in cigarettes which narrows the blood vessels in the outer layers of our skin. By impairing the blood flow of our skin, less oxygen and essential nutrients such as Vitamin A are given to the surface.

Dehydration is also another contributing factor to gaining wrinkles too. From lack of water, much like the skin of an apple, your skin loses its brightness and health. And as a result of not intaking enough liquids, our body reacts and produces more sebum, thus making your skin more oily, and heightening the chances of a breakout. 

Even genetics, certain types of medication and environmental factors can all put a strain on the quality of our skin. But the question is, what can we do to counteract fine lines and wrinkles?

Treatments for Wrinkles

There are several at-home treatments for people who want to diminish the appearance of wrinkles, such as anti-wrinkle moisturisers and vitamin supplements like Vitamin C and Zinc. There are also acid-based facial peels and various other aesthetic treatments that work to replenish the top layer of the skin. But, if you want a longer-lasting impact on the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines you need to consider the following options: thread lifts or botox?

Botox for Wrinkles

Botox involves a small, controlled dose of toxin botulinum being injected into the problem areas either in the skin or muscles using a thin needle. The amount of injections needed depends on the severity of the skin condition. 

Although this gives instant results and sounds very simple, there are several risks that could occur from having Botox. The disadvantages of Botox begin with the risk of an allergic reaction when being administered the filler. However, as you may have guessed, the most prevalent con of Botox is the muscle relaxant present in the toxin being injected.

Botox can prevent facial expressions, as well as completely paralyse your facial muscles for a lengthy time. This is not only dangerously damaging to your facial muscles and tissue, but it also leaves the client with less natural results than other procedures.

PDO Thread Lifts for Wrinkles

PDO Thread Lifts use threads that are unbarbed, making them smooth and ideal for rejuvenating the skin, rather than achieving a lifting effect like other thread lift procedures.

The threads are inserted into the dermis of the skin by a medical professional. Once attached to the tissue, they are hooked to a higher point of the face. What this process does is essentially reposition the fatty tissues found beneath the skin so that the body instantly reacts to this trauma. 

This reaction triggers the natural healing process as the body automatically produces new fibroblasts, which, in turn, creates new collagen. This new collagen is then protected by the fibroblasts, initiating the banking of collagen. While this new lease of protein continues its course post-procedure, the skin is left rejuvenated and refreshed. 

Yes, you can enjoy the lifting effects too, but PDO Thread Lifts are mostly known for their rejuvenating benefits. Treatments usually take anywhere between 1-2 hours and are advised to be undergone twice 4-6 weeks apart. Don’t forget, these procedures are non-invasive and non-surgical, which means minimal downtime and side effects. You will be given smoother, tighter and glowing skin without the added worry.

Do you agree that a PDO thread lift is the best anti-wrinkle treatment? We hope that this article has given you some guidance when choosing a treatment for your fine lines and wrinkles. Here at Thread Lift Experts, we pride ourselves in only administering industry-leading methods that give our clients the best chances at achieving outstanding results.

Contact us today on 0151 2031393 for further information or to book in for a consultation. We cannot wait to be a part of your skin rejuvenating journey.


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