sunken skin

Sunken Skin

With ageing comes wrinkles, sagging skin and even skin depigmentation and age spots. However, one ageing skin concern that isn’t spoken about as highly is sunken skin. Sunken skin can make someone look tired, run down and overall, not healthy. This is due to our skin no longer producing enough collagen to keep the surface plump and supple.

The aesthetic industry has soared when administering anti-ageing treatments that turn back the clock on the skin. The MINT Super Thread Lift is one of the most recent and revolutionary procedures in the industry; with its three-dimensional results that are achieved through patented technology, this is a non-invasive anti-ageing treatment that delivers.

The Causes of Sunken Skin

Collagen is one of the most vital proteins of the body; these cells are found in bones, skin, muscles and even tissues. While they help keep our body’s structure intact, they also keep the skin smooth, plump, tight and clear. From as young as 25, our body begins to decline in collagen, leaving our skin to sink, as well as become weaker and wrinkled.

Contributing factors to a sunken face are excessive exposure to UV light, smoking and a high intake of sugary foods. All of these increase the likelihood of one’s skin, especially on the face, to become dense and sink.

The MINT Super Thread Lift for Sunken Skin

The treatment that we recommend for sunken skin is a MINT Super Thread Lift. This is especially ideal for those clients who are looking for a lift too. The MINT Super Thread Lift can achieve a lifting effect like never seen before; this is due to its unique patented technology that is created through the manufacturing process.

Unlike other thread lift procedures which are cut into, the barbs found on a MINT thread are shaped like arrows in a helical fashion. Cut-into barbs have a lot weaker structure, whereas the MINT Super Thread Lift’s barbs are strong, durable and are able to grip onto a more substantial portion of tissue.


The procedure goes as follows. A medical professional will insert the medical-grade threads into the dermis of the skin. Once the barbs are attached to the tissue and one end of the thread is hooked on a higher point, the sutures are secured in place. This insertion causes trauma to the tissues, which, in turn, triggers the body’s natural healing process.

The blood flow is improved on in the wounded area in order to create clots, while fibroblasts begin their encouragement of new collagen cells. Collagenesis is the name given to the process of new collagen production. While supporting the healing alongside Hyaluronic Acid and Neocollagenesis, two very essential components of the healing process, the new collagen re-tightens the skin by improving on the fibres found in the dermis.

This isn’t where it ends; once collagen is created, the fibroblasts cover these new protein cells in order to bank them and allow them to continue their effects for months post-treatment. The threads have this diverse effect on the tissue due to being made out of Polydixanone; a protein-based substance that is naturally found in our bodies, and automatically relaxes the tendons and muscles. Clients will not only have a natural-looking lift that accentuates their natural face shape, but they’ll have plump, full and supple skin too.

After the MINT Super Thread Lift, your skin will have an instantly natural lift, but the plumping will continue to improve on as the weeks go by. Six months is usually how long it takes for optimum results to be met. After this length of time, the skin will feel firmer, fuller and tighter. This is a non-invasive procedure, so most clients return to their daily activities on the same day.
Yes. Sunken cheeks have been known to be a symptom of serious health conditions such as Vascular EDS. This condition is usually inherited and is the consequence of a defect in the protein collagen.
Most people are suitable for a thread lift procedure, male or female, but we do recommend those over 30+ to have this treatment because of its nature. We do not support a method so drastic for someone younger.
Maintenance is very much dependent on how your body takes to process post-treatment, as well as your initial condition. However, in order to keep the results lasting longer, we do recommend that you have this procedure done every 6-12 months, depending on how your results persist.
Again, depending on the size of the area being treated, a thread lift takes from one hour. As we aim to exceed your expectations, we put our full time and attention into your treatment so that we can deliver you with the best results.

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