Skin Ripples

Thread Lifts for Skin Ripples

Skin ripples are a reaction achieved by the subcutaneous and the fascial planes making contact. This skin defect is known to have the appearence of cellulite, and in severe cases, can affect the facial muscles and tendons if not dealt with. This, like various other ageing concerns on the skin, can knock a person’s confidence considerably.

Here at Thread Lift Experts, we make it our endeavours to administer a thread lift treatment that’ll counteract various ageing concerns, as well as other aesthetic problems that can arise on the face or body.

The Cause of Skin Ripples

Skin ripples are mostly caused by UV light exposure. UV light is a very powerful attacker of the skin; the light energy penetrates the skin’s cells, damaging them and in extreme cases, killing them; thus, creating condition such as skin ripples. Skin ripples, also known as creepy skin, can also be a consequence of ageing, lack of moisture, excessive weight loss or a combination of these. Once the fibres of our skin are broken down by the factors mentioned above, our skin thins, weakens, loosens and wrinkles.

Silhouette Soft Lifts for Skin Ripples

Silhouette Soft Lifts smoothen the skin, while also toning and tightening it too; leaving a firm and supple look and feel to the surface. Silhouette Soft accomplishes this by using a double-action effect that compresses the tissues and lifts the skin at the same time as the insertion of sutures.

During the procedure, a medical professional will insert the Poly L-lactic acid (PLLA)- based threads into the dermis of the skin using a very fine needle. Once inserted, they will then apply slight pressure on the treated area. While the repositioning of the skin tissues instantly begins, the medical professional reshapes them; creating a smooth and contoured finish.

Like with all thread lifts, collagen regeneration continues over a period of time post-procedure. PLLA is a polymer that has been used for years in biomedical and pharmaceutical applications and procedures. Being a polymer, it’s already bio-compatible with your body; ensuring that it produces natural-looking results

Skin Ripples


Skin rejuvenation refers to the top layer of the skin being immensely improved on or completely resurfaced from an intense treatment. In terms of the Silhouette Soft Thread Lift, skin rejuvenation is attained through collagenesis; the process of collagen renewal.
The short answer is no. Cellulite, also known as skin ripples, are caused by an interaction between the connective tissues below the surface of the skin and the layer of fat below them. However, skin ripples that are found on the face can take a damaging effect on the facial movements.
A thread lift usually takes anywhere from an hour; however, again, this is very much dependent on the size of the treated area. Like you, we want to deliver you results that exceed your expectations, and we will put all of our time and efforts into doing so.
As this is a non-invasive treatment, there is next to no downtime; most clients are known to resume their day after their procedure. In terms of side effects, these are very minimal too; however, they could be and are not limited to bruising, swelling and redness which will all reduce in a matter of hours.

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