Skin fold treatment

Skin folds

Skin folds can be found on most areas of the body. They are creases of the surface that range in size and are often found on excess or aged skin. This skin defect is very obvious, so those who possess skin folds tend to look for ways in which they can be counteracted.

Causes of Skin Folds

A Skin Fold, also known as Intertrigo, is commonly caused by frictional forces that are often associated with being overweight and when the skin is heated. If one is obese, areas of their skin will begin to rub against each other, especially in delicate areas such as the armpits and groin.

Similarly, breasts and areas of excess skin can cause friction when someone is active, and when combined with humidity or heat, skin folds begin to form. People with skin folds often complain of redness, burning, itching and soreness.

Collagen Thread Lifts for Skin Folds

Collagen Thread Lifts are able to provide the skin with exceptional rejuvenation during the process of collagenesis. Collagen being the main component of this treatment, it goes without saying that skin folds are banished through a natural lift and new collagen regeneration that smooths out the surface and keeps it tight.

These thread lifts use smooth threads as opposed to barbs because although they still achieve a lifting effect, their main purpose is to re-ignite the skin with the structural protein of collagen; ensuring that skin counteracts such issues as skin folds.

Skin Folds


During a thread lift, a medical professional will insert the dissolvable threads into the dermis of the skin using a fine needle. The barbs will be hooked onto the tissues found underneath the problem area of the skin, while the other end is attached to a higher point. Collagen threads will then essentially reposition the tissues, causing trauma to the surrounding areas and breaking down the fat cells.

As the threads are made out of a protein-based substance, they relax the tendons and muscles. The blood flow is then improved on while the body begins its natural healing process. During healing, fibroblasts are produced, which in turn, generate new collagen cells.

However, this new collagen production is carried out over several months. The fibroblasts work to cover the new cells, causing them to be banked. Banked collagen is the name given to the process of new collagen being kept in the dermis of our skin, rejuvenating the surface and helping it strengthen. This process usually takes up to six months when optimum results are generally met.

Once the medical-grade sutures are fully dissolved, clients will be left with an instant natural-looking lift, leaving skin folds to smoothen, and the surface to be tightened. As far as rejuvenation is concerned, clients can watch as their skin significantly improves over the course of the six months. Skin will begin to look smoother, brighter and tighter and skin folds will have significantly corrected.

We recommend thread lift procedures to everybody, no matter their walk of life. However, due to the nature of such treatments, we do ask that people under the age of 30 choose a less dramatic approach to gaining rejuvenated skin. If you want to ensure that you’re entirely suitable for a Collagen Thread Lift, we can determine this during your consultation.

Amidst your visit, a consultant will thoroughly assess your skin to ensure that its condition and type is suitable for a thread lift. This also gives you the perfect opportunity to voice any concerns or questions that you may have. During your experience with us, we will endeavour to make you feel reassured and confident throughout as we are aware of how important this decision is for you.

The answer to this question is very dependent on the scale of the area being treated, as well as how many threads are used in order to counteract your skin folds. The full details of your treatment will be discussed during your consultation.
Although your skin will be given a new lease of life due to new collagen production, a Collagen Thread Lift’s results can last anywhere from 18 months to 3 years, depending on maintenance and the skin’s condition. If maintained on several more top-ups throughout the year, the skin will continue to counteract your skin folds.
Being a non-invasive procedure, a thread lift bares next to no side effects, but like with any treatment, clients could still be susceptible to several. These include and are not limited to redness, tenderness, bruising and swelling. In terms of downtime, most clients have been known to resume their daily activities on the same day.

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