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Scar Reduction With Mono Threads

Are you looking to reduce the appearence of your scarring? Whether you have acne scars or Keloid scars, this can damage your self-esteem and encourage you to find ways in which you can cover them up. Here at Thread Lift Experts, we believe that beauty isn’t just one appearence, however, we understand the concern that scarring can have on a carrier, which is why we pride ourselves in delivering industry-leading scar reducing treatments at our aesthetic clinics.

Thread lifts are quickly becoming the most sought after aesthetic procedure in the industry. With their transformative abilities, combined with their non-invasive nature, they have delivered clients worldwide with next-level lifting, rejuvenation and anti-ageing, as well as scar reduction.

In today’s article, we’re going to address Mono Threads; a uniquely modified thread lift procedure that can rehabilitate scarred skin, leaving a smooth, clear and supple surface. By delivering everything that you need to know about this revolutionary thread lift procedure, you will soon learn that there isn’t a better solution to reducing the appearence of your scarring.

What Are Mono Threads?

Mono Threads hold the same properties as usual PDO Thread Lifts, but with no barbs, they are inserted into the dermis of the skin in a mesh-like fashion. They are essentially a type of single PDO filament smooth thread folded in half that achieves maximum tightening effects to smoothen out scars.

Mono Threads are minimally invasive; delivering laser surgery-standard results without the added risks of scarring. They also bare next to no downtime; clients have been known to continue with their day post-treatment. 

How Do Mono Threads Work?

Mono Threads work by rejuvenating the surface of the skin and by tightening the surface too. Once the filament has been inserted into the dermis using a very fine needle, it’ll attach onto surrounding areas so that it stays in place. Once connected, the threads will reposition the skin tissue to reestablish its original position. 

This repositioning, although painless for the client, is traumatic for the tissues, triggering the body to begin its natural healing process. During healing, the blood flow will increase in the treated area in order to form clots easier, and the muscles and tendons will relax to let the process take place.

Fibroblasts will be produced, which in turn create new collagen cells. Collagen, if you didn’t already know, is the firming, tightening and smoothing agent of the skin that keeps it looking supple and youthful. By reuniting the skin with collagen, scars will instantly smoothen out and reduce in appearence as a new rejuvenated surface area arises. 

This renewal process will continue over the course of six months when optimum results are usually met. During this time, the quality of the client’s skin will only continuously improve, until finally, scars are significantly faded and smoothened out. A contributing benefit to this treatment is its natural-looking results.

Although your scarring will be minimalised, it’ll happen over a short time, creating an illusion that it’s natural. Yes, clients will be given an instant lift to their skin, and although this is visible, it is again subtly causing radiance and definition, depending on the area it’s lifting.

What Are The Side Effects of Mono Threads?

As previously mentioned, the side effects are minimal. Clients may experience redness, swelling and tenderness, but this will elapse over a short period of time. Because of this, recovery isn’t necessary; although clients won’t be advised to undergo any strenuous exercise for a week or so. 

Why Mono Threads?

Mono Threads are highly recommended by leading surgeons and aesthetic clinicians when delivering scar minimalisation. Mesh Threads uphold their promise by making a mesh cushion underneath the scars, upholding support of the skin and giving collagen a surface to build upon. 

Also known as an acne mesh treatment, Mono Threads work by allowing collagen to seep through the mesh, injecting into the facial tissue, which in turn, improves on the surface area. Through tightening the skin too, scars are smoothened out, allowing their structure to be challenged, and somewhat broken down. The support given to the skin ensures that sinking is avoided, and instead, the scars have a guide to smoothen out on.

Mono Thread Lifts At Thread Lift Experts

Here at Thread Lift Experts, we recommend this type of thread lift for scarring as opposed to any other as it solely focuses on facial rejuvenation and retightening of the surface area. By using a mesh-like structure, the collagen will gradually be released, delivering scars with a progressive treatment.

Depending on your skin condition, will determine which type of thread lift will deliver you with the best results. If you book in for a consultation with us here at Thread Lift Experts, we can fully assess your skin and design you a treatment plan that’s suited to your needs entirely.

If you’d like further information on our services or mono thread before and afters, please continue exploring our site or contact us today on 0151 2031393.


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