Saggy Stomach

Saggy stomach

A saggy stomach is usually a consequence of internal or external factors that take effect on the key molecules that ensure the skin stays tight, firm and hydrated. Skin also naturally begins to lose its resilience to gravity, thus sagging. This unwanted excess skin often looks very haggard, giving a rippled and wrinkled appearence.

The Causes of a Saggy Stomach

Internal and external factors could consist of pregnancy, rapid weight loss, environmental or smoking. However, although these speed up the process of somebody gaining sagging skin, from ages 35 to 40, the ageing process picks up. During your natural ageing, your skin begins to lack in its laxity because it is no longer producing the same amount of elastin that it once did.

Elastin, as well as collagen, are two very vital proteins of the skin, bones and muscles. Without either, our body would essentially fall apart. From as young as 25, our body begins to decline in both of these proteins, giving our skin no choice but to give way to the gravitational pull, leading the skin to sag eventually.

The Collagen Thread Lift For A Sagging Stomach

We recommend a Collagen Thread Lift for tackling a sagging stomach. Because of the overlay of skin, the Collagen Thread Lift can use its revolutionary collagen regeneration to reignite the body with its structure by re-tightening the surface. The Collagen Thread Lift is our most prestigious treatment for tightening the skin, while also giving a natural-looking lift.

Due to collagen threads being smooth, their main function is to reposition the skin tissues found on the underlayers of the skin. While repositioning, the fat cells are broken down and the skin is tightened; reducing sagging skin and encouraging a defined look to the stomach. This trauma initiates the body’s natural healing process which, as with any wound, uses collagen alongside neocollagenesis and Hyaluronic Acid as one of the main elements of healing.

Saggy Stomach Treatment


Even though clients will be delivered with an immediate lift, the rejuvenation process is carried out over several months. A clinician will insert the threads into the dermis of the skin using a very fine needle; once attached and lifting is commenced, the body’s blood flow will improve in the wounded area, and the protein-based threads will relax the muscle and tendons found in the surrounding areas. Automatically, our body begins its natural healing process.

Like with any wound, our body’s instant reaction is to heal it. To do this, the body produces fibroblast cells, which in turn, encourage new production of collagen cells as a healing response. Collagen, being an imperative element of healing, begins to rejuvenate the cells; but, this process is carried out over an estimated six month period after the new cells are banked and the sutures are dissolved fully.

As previously mentioned, the stomach will have an instant, subtle but visible lift, making it appear firmer and tighter. However, in order to counteract the ripples and lines that come hand in hand with sagging skin, collagenesis will continue to rejuvenate and refresh over the skin’s recovery period. When the cycle has completed, the skin will be left smooth and plump, while also redefined from the natural lift.

We recommend thread lifts for everyone; however, due to a Collagen Thread Lift’s dramatic nature, we do ask that people under the age of 30 find a less drastic approach to skin rejuvenation. To ensure that you’re entirely suitable for a thread lift, we will assess your skin upon your consultation.

During your consultation, the full details of the treatment will be given to you. It also gives you the perfect opportunity to voice any concerns or questions that you may have in regards to the procedure. Our clinic is a safe space, and we will make it our mission to make you feel comfortable and reassured throughout your experience with us.

If a client was to gain weight post-treatment, the collagen regeneration will continue, but sagging skin may return, depending on the body’s threshold and how it takes to the treatment.
Unlike a surgical procedure such as a tummy tuck that requires anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks of rest and no exercise, clients have been known to resume their day after having their Collagen Thread Lift. Light exercise such as a walk is allowed for up to a week, but any form of physical activity that’ll affect the treated area isn’t recommended and will need to be advised by your clinician.
As this is a non-invasive and non-surgical procedure, side effects are very minimal, but they could be and are not limited to bruising, swelling, redness and tenderness of the treated area.

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Saggy Stomach Treatment Before and After

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