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Sagging Neck

One of the most prominent consequences of ageing is a sagging neck, and in most cases, this has to be the least appealing too. Although our skin can begin to sag for several other reasons, the natural ageing process is usually the main culprit. The skin on our necks loses its elasticity and strength, meaning our skin can no longer support the facial tissue, thus, a sagging effect which takes our confidence levels plummeting with it.

For some people, however, a sagging neck can develop from as young as 20 years old. With many other factors playing their part, such as genetics, weight change, ultraviolet (UV) exposure and smoking, the severity of your sagging neck can be accentuated. However, what if we told you that you can now gain your confidence back with one our thread neck lift treatments? Our minimally-invasive range of thread lift procedures can significantly reduce your sagging neck and take years off of your appearance.

The Main Cause of a Sagging Neck

During the natural ageing process, our skin loses many different compounds which give it its elasticity and firmness. The most important of which are its vital proteins, collagen and elastin. The reduction in your skin’s levels of these two proteins can have detrimental effects on the skin around your neck, causing a sagging neck to form.

Collagen and elastin are vital in providing the skin with its supple properties. Collagen is found all around our bodies; it is located within our bones, muscles, tendons and our skin, making up a third of all the protein found in our bodies. Together, collagen and elastin are the primary components that give your skin its structure and youthful fullness, as well as its ability to stretch and stay tight.

After years of twisting and stretching, and enduring the gravitational pull on our skin, pockets of subcutaneous fat have an increasing ageing effect on our necks. The majority of people will begin to notice their neck skin beginning to sag and wrinkle around the age of 40. At this point in our lives, the underlying platysmas muscles start to detach and loosen. The edges of these muscles start to show through our now thinning skin as vertical bands from our chin to our collarbones. It is this visible muscle that droops and forms the appearance of a sagging neck.

Additional Causes

As with all of our skin, a sagging neck is not solely caused by our natural ageing process. Loose skin on the neck can be accelerated by factors such as genetics, weight change, UV exposure and smoking. These additional factors all affect the severity of a sagging neck.

Dramatic changes in weight can significantly alter the appearance of your skin too. As we gain weight, our skin stretches to make room for the increase in fat deposits beneath. During rapid weight loss, our skin isn’t given the time to adjust and reduce back to its original size. This causes saggy and loose skin, especially in delicate areas such as the neck.

Excessive UV exposure is damaging to your skin. The UV rays penetrate through the surface of your skin and break down its collagen and elastin proteins, reducing the skin’s suppleness and speeding up the natural ageing process. Our skin comes into contact with UV rays from the sun; however, if you use a tanning bed, the UV exposure is intensified.

Sagging Neck Treatment


After the thread-lifting technique has been undergone and now that the barbs have been hooked onto the dermis of the skin, they have a diverse effect on the tissue that is supporting them. As the threads are made up of a protein-based substance, it naturally relaxes the tendons and muscles found in the face. While doing so, the barbs cause trauma to the dermis, thus triggering the body’s natural healing process.

During this process, fibroblasts are created from the improvement of blood flow; these fibroblasts begin the production of new collagen. Being the strengthening component of the skin, and alongside Hyaluronic Acid and Neocollagenesis which are also essential in the healing process, they are able to re-establish the skin’s youthful properties by improving on the fibres found in the dermis.

This treatment is very successful for a sagging face, especially as it’s able to bank this new collagen for a significant period of time, leaving the skin tighter and plumper. From the components working their magic, they can create a scaffolding mesh and fibrin over the wounded areas, protecting them and banking that new collagen.

In terms of the different types of thread lifts, they are all able to treat a sagging face. However, the MINT Super Thread Lift, for instance, is highly successful from its unique barb structure and modified material that is well known for its lasting power and strength. 

Your sagging face will immediately be lifted, and this will only improve as time passes. With the banking of new collagen, your skin will begin to improve on its strength and elasticity; thus, continuing to lift and promote the definition of the chin. 

As a non-invasive procedure, clients usually resume their daily activities, and side effects are very minimal. Some experience redness, bruising, tenderness and swelling which will all be eradicated within a few hours.

Both males and females are able to undergo a thread lift, but because of the causes, we do recommend that only people over the age of 30+ have it done. Usually, someone younger won’t need a treatment as drastic as a thread lift.

This answer is very much dependent on the area that is being treated. For a sagging face, we start our prices from £600, depending on the seriousness of the excess skin. Also, this price can change if more threads need to be used.

A thread lift procedure usually lasts up to an hour, but this can also change depending on the scale of the excess skin.

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