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Sagging Face

A sagging face is a name that is often given to the excess skin that hangs from somebody’s jawline. This skin is usually thinned, wrinkled and lacks in collagen and elastin. From its prevalent appearence, it is generally perceived as unappealing for the carrier, especially as this condition only worsens over time. 

Sagging skin can also be found on other areas of the body; this too is due to the skin losing out on both collagen and elastin as we age. Any form of sagging skin is the main culprit of the skin losing out on its proteins and nutrients.

The Causes of a Sagging Face

As previously mentioned, a sagging face is the main consequence of losing out on collagen and elastin. From as young as 25, our bodies begin to produce less of these proteins; two very crucial elements of the skin’s dermis that keep it tight, supple and smooth. By losing out on these, gravity takes its course and causes the skin to lose its form, thus drooping. 

The loss of fat is a cause of a sagging face, too. If you choose to lose weight at a rapid pace, you give less time for your body to produce new elastin which essentially helps the skin bounce back once the fat cells have been destroyed. 

Thread Lifts for a Sagging Face

Thread lifts are one of the most effective solutions to a sagging face. A medical professional will insert the medical-grade threads into an area of the face which is higher than the chin and use them to hook onto the dermis behind the area that is sagging. Then, by pulling it up and fixing the threads in place, the chins structure is revealed.

Thereafter, new collagen and elastin will be produced during the natural healing process, which instantly begins now that the skin has had trauma caused to it. After several months, the results will be phenomenal; delivering a client with a defined jawline that is smooth and plump. 


Thread lifts are globally known as an effective solution to sagging skin; they are able to lift the skin, while also emphasising the natural bone structure of the face. As a non-invasive version of a surgical face lift, this procedure will continue to dominate the aesthetics industry for its impressive results.

Sagging face treatments


After the thread-lifting technique has been undergone and now that the barbs have been hooked onto the dermis of the skin, they have a diverse effect on the tissue that is supporting them. As the threads are made up of a protein-based substance, it naturally relaxes the tendons and muscles found in the face. While doing so, the barbs cause trauma to the dermis, thus triggering the body’s natural healing process.

During this process, fibroblasts are created from the improvement of blood flow; these fibroblasts begin the production of new collagen. Being the strengthening component of the skin, and alongside Hyaluronic Acid and Neocollagenesis which are also essential in the healing process, they are able to re-establish the skin’s youthful properties by improving on the fibres found in the dermis.

This treatment is very successful for a sagging face, especially as it’s able to bank this new collagen for a significant period of time, leaving the skin tighter and plumper. From the components working their magic, they can create a scaffolding mesh and fibrin over the wounded areas, protecting them and banking that new collagen.

In terms of the different types of thread lifts, they are all able to treat a sagging face. However, the MINT Super Thread Lift, for instance, is highly successful from its unique barb structure and modified material that is well known for its lasting power and strength. 

Your sagging face will immediately be lifted, and this will only improve as time passes. With the banking of new collagen, your skin will begin to improve on its strength and elasticity; thus, continuing to lift and promote the definition of the chin. 

As a non-invasive procedure, clients usually resume their daily activities, and side effects are very minimal. Some experience redness, bruising, tenderness and swelling which will all be eradicated within a few hours.

Both males and females are able to undergo a thread lift, but because of the causes, we do recommend that only people over the age of 30+ have it done. Usually, someone younger won’t need a treatment as drastic as a thread lift.

This answer is very much dependent on the area that is being treated. For a sagging face, we start our prices from £600, depending on the seriousness of the excess skin. Also, this price can change if more threads need to be used.

A thread lift procedure usually lasts up to an hour, but this can also change depending on the scale of the excess skin.

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