PDO Thread Lifts Explained

PDO Thread Lifts Explained

Now that Thread Lifts are dominating the aesthetic industry with their incredible results and next to no downtime or side effects, it is no surprise that those seeking a skin transformation want further information on these revolutionary procedures. One thing that people may not know is the different types of threads that can be administered to counteract several different skin defects, whether that is ageing or a loss of facial volume.

Continue reading this article for a deeper insight into PDO thread lifting as well as a comparison of the threads used when undergoing this treatment. With these details, you will be further aware of which type of PDO thread lift will benefit your skin’s situation and what to enquire about when approaching a medical professional.

The Types of PDO Thread Lifts

There are several thread lifts that are flooding the scene here, in America and even further afield. For example, the MINT Super Thread Lift, Collagen Thread Lifts, Silhouette Soft Lifts, NOVA and all PDO thread lifts.

Today we’re going to focus on PDO Thread Lifts and how they can be defined by different types. One determining factor of a PDO thread is whether it is barbed or non-barbed; by distinguishing between the two, you will have a clearer idea of what they are best to treat. 


These unique sutures allow the threads to hook onto tissues during implantation, creating smooth results as well as a physical lift of excess or sagging skin typically found under the jawline and eyebrows.

Barbed PDO threads also have collagen inducing abilities as the prongs cause micro-injuries to the tissue, forcing the body to go through its natural healing processes. Collagen is the skin’s most prominent strengthening protein that keeps our skin looking smooth, plump and tight. During the healing processes, collagen is produced by the body, replenishing our stocks and turning back time on our face. Once the process has been carried out, this new collagen is banked so that it continues to improve on the texture and appearance of the skin for weeks after. 

As the threads are made out of polydioxanone, they will dissolve in the body and leave you with smooth, lifted skin that lasts up to two to three years.


This type of barb isn’t so strong on the support front, and is rather aimed at individuals who are wanting a longer-lasting way to improve on their skin below the surface. By stimulating natural collagen regeneration, you can achieve youthful skin, without the risk of looking ‘fake’ or overdone. 

Dermal Fillers have also been known to have a similar effect, but unlike PDO thread lifting, they need several top-ups a year. Smooth PDO threads offer a long-term solution to having younger-looking skin. By encouraging the elastic collagen synthesis through trauma, the body repairs the treated area naturally over a period of time which is what begins the collagenases. As these threads do not lift, they are ideal for treating narrow-like faces that have lost their density, as well as lips and cheeks for plumpness.

Cut Or Moulded Barbs

Furthermore, the barbs found on the threads can be put into two categories too- they can either be cut or moulded. The MINT Super Thread Lift, for example, has moulded barbs that are shaped like an arrow due to their patented moulding process that is achieved during the manufacturing process. These arrows are then arranged in a helical fashion so that they can hook onto a more substantial portion of skin tissue- this also gives them the key to a 3-dimensional lifting effect.

On the other hand, cut-in barbs are of a weaker structure. From their body being sliced into, they aren’t able to support such a large area of skin, although they still are able to give a fantastic effect to the skin in terms of lifting and creating a smooth surface.

Have PDO thread lifts been explained to you? If you feel that this type of thread lift is right for the results that you want to achieve, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0151 2031393 if you’d like further information or if you’d like to book in for a consultation. 

Here at Thread Lift Experts, we only carry out industry-leading skin rejuvenation treatments using trialled and tested equipment that has transformed clients in the past, and practises that continue to exceed expectations. If you are looking for a treatment to counteract ageing or facial volume loss, PDO thread lifting may be suited to you.


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