Neck Lines Treatment

Neck lines

Neck lines are subsequently caused by ageing. Although they are a natural consequence, they are never taken a liking to which is why most carriers sought out treatments and procedures to counteract such creases. Neck lines are small ridges found along the neck, which usually appear in parts that carry out the most movement and motion.

For instance, while bowing your head, your neck’s skin is being folded, and due to this being a recurring action, these folds become more and more permanent. Thus, several shallow or deep lines form across the neck. See below for the causes of neck lines, as well as what treatments we recommend to reduce their appearance.

The Causes of Neck Lines

At a young age, our skin, as well as our bones and muscles, contain two vital proteins; collagen and elastin. These two proteins are the reason that our skin keeps its structure, strength and durability; collagen helps our skin stay supple, smooth and robust, whereas elasticity helps it to bounce back after our skin undergoes change, as well as keep it tight and firm.

From as young as our early twenties, these two proteins begin to decline naturally. Without them playing their relevant roles, our body begins to form wrinkles and even sagging skin. The lack of these proteins also causes neck lines; while our skin loses its elasticity, it can no longer return to its original state.

While you continuously look down at your phone, for instance, your skin begins to lose its ability to keep smooth after this motion; causing these premature wrinkles. This is due to the lack of elasticity mostly, which helps the skin to bounce back to its original shape.

Contributing factors to neck lines go as far as exposure to UV light which ultimately speeds up the ageing process, especially if you are not applying sun cream, as well as smoking which heightens the chances of these lines due to the nicotine narrowing the blood vessels in the outer layers of the skin.

Because of this narrowing, our blood flow is impaired, which in turn, gives our skin less oxygen and essential nutrients such as Vitamin A. Thus, our skin begins to wrinkle prematurely.

Which Treatment?

At home, there are several treatments that you can undergo yourself. Cleansing and exfoliating the neck, using a neck-specific serum, applying sunscreen, moving your computer screen higher and spraying less perfume on your neck have all been known to reduce the chances of getting profound neck lines.

However, although these deliver a temporary solution, there are other options out there that provide you with permanent results. A neck lift, also known as a Platysmaplasty is the surgical option that many have been known to get. During this procedure, a medical professional permanently removes excess skin and fat from the neck using a scalpal to address age-related wrinkling and creasing. This leaves a smooth finish.

Although this resolves neck lines, what isn’t spoken about is the lengthy downtime and the risks of bleeding, scarring, asymmetry, hair loss, infection and a hematoma, to name a few that can come hand in hand with a neck lift. But before all hope is lost, you will be happy to know that due to recent advancements, we have begun administering thread lifts for neck lines.

Neck Lines Treatment


This thread lift procedure is carried out by a clinician inserting the threads into the dermis of the skin using a very fine needle. Once inserted, they are hooked onto a higher point of the tissue, then the other end is attached to the tissue underneath the problem area; this is then essentially lifted. You may think that once lifted, the lines are banished but its what happens after the insertion of the threads that counteracts the premature wrinkles. New collagen production and elastin are stimulated due to the body automatically initiating its natural healing process after trauma has been made to the dermis through the threads being inserted. Once the healing process begins, fibroblasts are created, which elastin is derived from. So, while the body is taking its course, you’re regenerating the elastin found in that area, and this continues for weeks post-procedure. Not to mention, the fibroblasts create a ‘cover’ over the new collagen cells, meaning they are banked. Banking collagen is the name given to the process of our body holding onto the new collagen that has been produced by a wound. Due to both proteins being re-established, you will be left with smoother, tighter neck skin that is line-free.
PDO Thread Lifts are virtually pain-free. They are inserted using very fine needles, making the implantation process painless. Only a topical or local anaesthetic is given to clients during a PDO thread-lift procedure.
Thread Lift procedures can take anywhere between one and two hours, but this is dependent on the scale of the area being treated.
Prices start from £500, but again, this is dependent on the scale of the area being treated, as well as how many lifting threads need to be used to meet your desired result.
The side effects are very minimal, but they can be and are not limited to redness, tenderness and bruising.
Both men and women are suitable for a PDO Thread Lift, but due to the nature of this method, we recommend only people of the ages 30+ to undergo a thread lift procedure.

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