Mono threads

Mono Threads

Mono Threads are smooth in order to achieve tightness and a small amount of lift. Unlike conventional thread lifts that use cut-into barbs to accomplish a powerful lift, Mono Threads are PDO filaments that are inserted into the dermis of the skin in a mesh-like order for increased tightness.

They are mostly known for their effective results in reducing the appearance of forehead wrinkles, lifting drooping eyebrows, counteracting sagging jowls and replenishing ageing skin.

The Science of Mono Threads

During the procedure, local anaesthetic is injected into the problem area. 10-30 Mono Threads are then inserted into the subcutaneous fat layer so that they pull on this area and are attached closely to the dermis of the skin. This is an anchoring point either on the scalp or face.

The PDO Mono Threads contract the fatty tissue, strengthen the fibrous connective tissues and improve on the dermal environment. This reduces the fat layer, while also taking even further effect on tightening the area. While this is taking place, new fibroblasts are generated, thus creating new collagen cells too; two very prominent elements of the natural healing process, alongside the Polydiaxonone in the threads.

With collagen renewal and the tissues being repositioned, the wounded area continues to heal over the course of six months when the threads have entirely dissolved, and the tissues have been manipulated back to their original state, causing a tight aesthetic. Collagen synthesis is the name given to the process of new collagen production; a process that re-ignites the skin with a vital strengthening, structuring and rejuvenating protein.

Why Mono Threads?

Although Mono Threads aren’t known for their lifting effects, their mesh structure can accomplish tightening that has only ever been seen during surgical procedures such as a facelift. These results are even more impressive in that Mono Thread Lifts bare next to no downtime and minimal risks, being non-surgical and non-invasive.

PDO, also known as Polydiaxonone, is a natural polymer that is already naturally produced by our bodies; making it biocompatible. The mesh-like structure that Mono Threads use is made out of this substance, so it is a highly safe and reliable material that is 100% biodegradable.

While PDO Mono-Threads encourage collagen production, they are able to create some lifting, but not to the extent as other thread lifts such as COG Thread Lifts can. Mono Threads deliver impeccable results that ensure that the skin is left rejuvenated and wrinkle-free.

Mono threads Treatment


The threads are made out of a PDO-based substance that is biodegradable; meaning, the body naturally dissolves them, leaving no trace but the collagen that has been seeping through the mesh structure which will continue to rejuvenate the skin. This takes up to six months; when optimum results are usually met and the threads have broken down entirely.
In order to achieve tightness and a dramatic lift, Mono Threads have been known to work well in conjunction with COG Threads. The effects of both will ensure that the structure of the face is re-established due to the re-tightening and lifting of excess skin, while the skin is also left clear, smooth and younger-looking.
Thread Lifts have been said to cause slight discomfort, but as local anaesthetic is administered prior to the treatment, this is very minimal. Post-treatment, tenderness may be experienced for several hours; however, compared to skin-tightening surgical procedures, this sensation is a lot less severe.
Thread lifts usually take anywhere from an hour, but this is very much dependent on the area being treated and how many threads need to be used.

Barbed threads are designed to attach onto a more substantial portion of facial tissue due to having ‘hooks’ on the threads. Thus, being the more ideal option for those who are looking for a lift as opposed to a tightening effect. Smooth barbs, on the other hand, are most effective for skin rejuvenation and skin tightening.

Their primary purpose is to cause trauma to the dermis of the skin so that the body’s initial reaction is to heal. This is so that collagen is produced, which subsequently tightens the surface and leaves it glowing.

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