Loose skin treatment

Loose skin

We get approached by many clients complaining about the loose skin found on their upper arms which have either accumulated as they have aged or through changes in their lifestyle. Loose skin on the upper arms, often referred to as ‘bingo wings’ is one of the most common features that can conjure up several body image issues.

The Causes of Loose Skin

The main cause of loose skin is through ageing, a process that we can not avoid. As we begin to age, our body naturally produces less collagen and elastin, both crucial proteins of the body which keep the skin tight and firm. Without these proteins, our tissues can no longer be supported by our skin, leaving it to begin sagging.

Contributing factors to the fat pockets found on the upper arms are rapid weight loss and genetics. While losing weight quickly, your skin doesn’t have enough time to regenerate the elastin found in the skin, and now that there is less tissue to keep it full, it begins to sag due to the gravitational pull.

The Collagen Thread Lift for Loose Skin ment

The Collagen Thread Lift is especially effective for loose skin. Its natural-looking lifting abilities, combined with its intense rejuvenation properties that derive from collagen renewal, are able to achieve a tight, firm and smooth physique to the skin.

A Collagen Thread Lift uses smooth barbs that are inserted into the dermis where they begin to reposition the tissues found in the underlayer of the skin. During this process, fat cells are broken down and released out of the body naturally. Now that the skin has less tissue to support in that area, it can begin to take back its original form with the help from the threads.

Loose skin treatment


During a Collagen Thread Lift, a clinician will insert the medical-grade threads into the dermis of the skin at an anchor point. The threads’ barbs then begin to reposition the tissues in which they are attached to while also relaxing the tendons and muscles by being protein-based. This process causes trauma to the surrounding areas which the body automatically signals to heal.

The blood flow is then improved on in the treated area before the healing begins. The body’s natural healing abilities start with producing new fibroblast cells which then encourage collagen renewal. Once new collagen cells are active, over the next several months, they are banked by the fibroblasts so that they can continue their efforts to rejuvenate the skin and its tightness.

To begin with, the loose skin will instantly be visibly lifted, pulling the skin for a tighter appearence. In terms of the skin re-configuring its tightness through the help of new collagen cells, this will take up to six months for when the sutures are entirely dissolved. Once dissolved, the surface will be smooth, tight and youthful.
The muscles on the back of your arms are called triceps, and in order to counteract the sagging skin that is often found in this region, there are several at-home exercises that you can do that’ll eventually reduce the sagging skin. However, as this is such a stubborn area to target, a Collagen Thread Lift can assist you in achieving permanent results on your arms. Please do not undergo physical activity of such nature post-treatment.
We recommend a thread lift to anyone, male or female. We do, however, require a client to be of 30+ years of age as someone younger wouldn’t need such a drastic procedure for skin rejuvenation. For the full details on whether or not you’re suitable for the treatment, feel free to contact us today, and we will invite you in for a consultation where we can give you the full information, as well as assess your skin.
The cost of a MINT Super Thread Lift is very much dependent on the size of the area being treated, as well as how many threads end up being used for the client’s desired results.
The short answer is yes. In terms of sagging skin, a Collagen Thread Lift can treat the face, thighs, neck and back, amongst other areas.

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