Loose skin on inner thighs

Loose skin on inner thighs

Loose skin, no matter where it is found can cause individuals to feel self-conscious. When excess skin is located on the inner thighs this can also cause a lot of friction when an individual is active. This friction can then lead to chafing, which in turn, leads the skin to become sore, chapped and rashed.

Causes of Loose Skin on Inner Thighs

The causes of this discomforting excess skin can stem from several reasons. If an individual has lost weight rapidly, there is no longer enough tissue to support the skin, therefore it begins to sag. Environmental factors, UV exposure and an unhealthy lifestyle can all contribute to loose skin, too.

The biggest culprit, however, is the lack of elastin our body is producing as we age. Elastin, as well as collagen, are two vital proteins of the skin, muscles and bones. Essentially, they keep our body’s structure and form intact. From as young as 25, we begin to decline in both of these proteins. Without structure and collagen, our skin can no longer support our tissues, and the gravitational pull begins to make the surface sag.

PDO Mono Threads for Loose Skin

PDO Mono Threads are a type of PDO filament which is inserted into the dermis of the skin in a mesh-like fashion. With its modified patented technology which is achieved through the manufacturing process, it is able to retighten the skin, leaving a defined and structured appearence. This advanced version of a skin tightening thread lift will deliver you with definition and rejuvenation.

Compared to generic thread’s threads that are inserted in a vertical order, Mono Threads are crossed over. This order allows them to primarily focus on tightening, as opposed to significantly lifting the surface of the skin. Usually, Mono Threads are combined with COG Threads as this pairing achieves an extremely defined look in both lifting and tightening. COG Threads do not need anchoring points to function, therefore are especially effective when targeting certain areas.

Loose skin on inner thigh treatment


A clinician will insert the medical-grade threads into the dermis of the skin, where the barbs will be attached to an ‘anchoring’ point of the scalp or face. Once inserted, the blood flow will be improved on, and the protein-based threads will begin to relax the facial muscles while they begin to reposition the tissues. While undergoing this conflict, the body will automatically begin its natural healing process. When your body is traumatised, it’ll go through a number of steps in order to heal the wound. Fibroblasts are produced, and in turn, so are new collagen cells. Collagen supports both Hyaluronic Acid and Neocollagenesis during healing. Once the first stage is complete, the fibroblasts will bank the new collagen cells so that Collagenesis continues for several months post-treatment. This collagen and elastin renewal will ensure that the skin is reignited with these structural proteins; leaving the results of tight and firm skin.
Although we recommend a thread lift to almost everyone, we require you to be 30+. If younger, such a drastic treatment is usually not needed for skin rejuvenation. If you want to find out if you’re entirely suitable for a thread lift, book in for a consultation with us.
The main selling point behind a thread lift is through their non-invasive approach to tighter and firmer-looking skin, as well as a severe reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. They are able to produce results that have only been seen in surgical procedures while ensuring that the surrounding areas of the skin aren’t damaged. As a simple answer, yes. They are effective in their skin rejuvenation and skin tightening abilities through patented technology that has allowed them to become a safe and reliable alternative to surgery.
This is very much dependent on the area being treated, as well as how many threads are needed to achieve optimum results, but prices start from £1500.
This is a non-invasive and non-surgical procedure so side effects and downtime are minimal. However, as with any procedure, there are still risks that you could be susceptible to. These are and are not limited to bruising, swelling, redness and tenderness of the treated area. In terms of downtime, most clients have been known to resume their day post-treatment due to not feeling any pain.

The optimum results of a thread lift are usually seen after six months, once the sutures have fully dissolved. Immediately, you will be given a visible inner thigh lift, and then post-treatment, clients can watch as their skin dramatically improves. Once the cycle is complete, you will be left with smooth, tighter skin that accentuates your legs’ figure.

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