Lack of volume in face

Lack of volume

When one has a lack of volume to their skin, they can often look tired, worn down and overall, unhealthy. Lack of volume, giving a sunken look to the facial structure is one of the most prominent looks of ageing skin. This effect can take charge of skin that’s as young as 25; the age that our skin begins to lose its slackness.

Because of this, anti-ageing skincare products and procedures are at an all-time high in the industry. As looking one’s age isn’t seen as appealing in most cases, people are seeking out ways in which they can turn back the clock on their skin, and we have just the solution.

The Causes of Volume Loss

The main cause of facial volume loss is the natural ageing process. As we age, our body begins to decline in both vital proteins Collagen and Elastin. These structural proteins essentially keep our body’s from falling apart. In terms of the skin, collagen keeps our skin firm, and plump and elastin keeps it tight and smooth.

Naturally, we begin to lose these proteins from our mid-twenties, which is why it is recommended that you use anti-ageing products from this age. Another contributing factor to this effect on the skin is your lifestyle; if you are susceptible to sun damage regularly or smoke, this could speed up the ageing process, leading to your skin looking dense and lifeless.

Collagen Thread Lifts for Lack of Volume

A Collagen Thread Lift would give you the best chances at acquiring supple, voluminous skin. If you’ve acquired lack of volume due to having sagging skin, a MINT Super Thread Lift may be more suited to you. Collagen Thread Lifts’ main purpose is to re-ignite the skin with the vital protein collagen. Over a period of time, the skin will eventually become fuller due to the threads repositioning the skin tissues to their original state and by going through the process of collagenesis.

Compared to conventional thread lift treatments which usually consist of cut-in barbs, a Collagen Thread Lift uses smooth barbs that are most beneficial for skin rejuvenating purposes. These barbs work to reposition the tissue, as well as break down the fat cells found in the surrounding areas, as opposed to gripping onto a more substantial portion of tissue for lifting purposes.

Lack of volume treatments


A thread lift, especially a Collagen Thread Lift is able to bring back the volume of the skin by encouraging the process of Collagenesis. During a thread lift, a clinician will insert the threads into the dermis of the skin before they are attached to an anchor point to create a lifting effect. This automatically triggers the body’s natural healing process. During healing, like with any wound, our body begins to improve on its blood flow in the traumatised area so that its easier to form clots. To heal the wound, our body produces fibroblast cells which in turn, create new collagen cells. Collagen supports the healing process alongside Hyaluronic Acid and Neocollagenesis, which are also natural components already produced by our bodies. The new collagen tightens and the skin by improving on the fibres in the dermis. It’s plumping effect, however, isn’t instantly obtained. The diverse effect that the threads have on the skin tissues doesn’t end there. Post-procedure, the fibroblasts begin to cover the new collagen cells (bank them), making them stay embedded in the dermis for several months while they rejuvenate and create a supple finish to the skin. The threads are made out of Polydixanone, the same protein-based substance found in our bodies, and one that naturally relaxes the tendons and muscles located in the face. Because of this, thread lifts produce natural results but results that nonetheless transform a clients appearence.
After a Collagen Thread Lift, most clients resume their day as usual. You will see a visible lift post-procedure, but the plumping effects will only improve for up to six months when optimum results are usually met. Once the cycle is fully complete, the skin will be plump, supple and glowing. In terms of side effects, these are minimal. Due to a thread life being a non-invasive procedure, it does not bare the same risks as aesthetic surgery. However, as with any treatment, you may experience side effects, and these could be and are not limited to swelling, bruising and redness.
When losing volume in the dermis of the skin, this is usually over a significant amount of time. Because of this, the more volume you’re losing, the more your skin has less to support; thus, leaving a sunken look.
How much a thread lift costs is very dependent on how many threads are needed to be used, as well as how big the area being treated is. For the full details of this treatment, book yourself in for a consultation today.
The nature of a Collagen Thread Lift is to reposition the fat to its original state. By forming them as they once were, your skin is likely to look as it did when you were younger.

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