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Jowls are the name given to the loose skin that hangs below a person’s lower jawline. Sagging skin around the cheeks and mouth droop down past the chin and jaw, in turn creating jowls. Our skin begins to drop as we age, with many starting to see their skin drooping in their 40s. But, some can experience jowls from as young as 20 years old.

The most common cause of jowls is natural ageing; although, several factors can increase the likelihood and severity of jowls appearing. The most common factors are your genetics, chronic illness, a history of sunburn, rapid weight loss, chronic stress and smoking. Here at Thread Lift Experts, we can help minimise your jowls through our non-invasive range of thread-lift procedures.

What causes jowls?

Jowls can be reduced by a range of products and lifestyle choices such as using specialist anti-ageing products and by performing specific exercises. These options may minimise the appearance of your jowls in the short-term, but they do not provide long-term solutions. Here at Thread Lift Experts, we have a range of effective treatments to help reduce the appearance of sagging jowls as permanent solutions.

As we all grow older, our skin tissue loses many of its compounds that enable it to keep its shape, specifically fat and the vital proteins, collagen and elastin. The loss of collagen and elastin can have a significant effect on your cheeks and the skin around your jawline.

Our skin also becomes drier and thinner as we age, reducing its ability to maintain its form and structure. With our skin now weaker, it becomes increasingly more vulnerable to a gravitational pull and it slowly begins to sag downwards; creating jowls, otherwise known as the dreaded turkey neck.

Of all of the proteins, collagen makes up a third in our body. This protein can be found within our bones, muscles, tendons, as well as in our skin. Endogenous collagen provides our skin and other connective tissue with its strength, elasticity and structure. Elastin has a similar role. This protein is another connective tissue protein; however, elastin enables your skin to return to its normal shape despite being stretched.

As the levels of collagen and elastin reduce, a person can lose definition in the facial region, and the cheek skin surrounding your mouth loses its firmness and sags down.

Almost everyone will develop jowls to a minor level of severity as they age. For many women, as they enter the menopause, their bodies see a reduction in collagen synthesis; by the time we’re around 70 years old, our skin will have reduced in thickness by approximately 80%. Jowls, therefore, are a natural occurrence, although there are factors that can increase their likeliness.

Which Treatment?

The skin rejuvenating treatment that we recommend for jowls is a MINT Super Thread Lift. This procedure uses specialised surgical threads to lift up any sagging skin, leaving you with a more youthful appearance. The threads used during a thread lift procedure are produced from a protein-based substance, helping to give your skin a firm and tight look, while stimulating your natural collagen production.

The MINT Super Thread Lift is a minimally invasive procedure, providing long-lasting outstanding results to the definition in your facial region. Compared to surgical face-lifts, MINT Super Thread Lifts do not come with the inconvenience of any lengthy aftercare, meaning you can resume your day post-treatment, jowl-free and confident.

The MINT Super Thread Lift is a new revolutionary procedure that enables our expert clinicians to achieve the same lifting effect as a surgical procedure but with more natural-looking contours without going under the knife. 

Jowls treatment


Smoking can have detrimental effects on the compounds of your skin. Cigarettes contain many harmful toxins such as nicotine, which can damage your levels of collagen and elastin. Another implication that smoking can cause is the narrowing of blood vessels. By restricting your blood’s circulation, your skin is deprived of vital nutrients such as vitamin A.
All of our treatments are performed by our expertly-trained, professional clinicians. During your initial consultation, one of our clinicians who are medical doctors that will be performing your treatment would assess your suitability and explain the procedure in detail before going ahead.
There is no downtime associated with our thread-lift procedures on jowls. A thread-lift is minimally invasive and performed using injectable local anaesthetic, allowing you to carry on with your regular routine. Some patients can experience discomfort and swelling, with some showing mild bruising; however, any pain can be easily monitored with over-the-counter pain relief.
The price for thread-lift treatments for jowls varies due to the individual nature of each procedure. The cost starts from £1500; however, this can increase due to the number of threads that need to be used and the amount of sagging skin that requires lifting. Our expert clinicians are able to give a more accurate quote during an initial consultation. For more information, contact our clinicians today.

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