Hooded Eyes

If you have hooded eyes, you are certainly not alone. Many famous celebrities also have this eye shape. They are sometimes referred to as ‘bedroom eyes,’ and they are also sometimes called deep-set eyes. Hooded and droopy eyelids can, however, have a tendency to add on the years to the face. If you want to counteract this consequence of ageing, our Thread Lift procedures can take-off the years for your eyes and pile on your confidence.

Hooded eyes get their name from an excess of skin that folds down from your brow bone to your lash line. This loose skin covers your crease and hides most of your eyelid. In some cases, it can give the appearance of tiredness.

Hooded eyes are one of the eight prominent eye-shapes; although, some of us will gain hooded eyes due to our bodies naturally ageing. Some people learn to work with their hooded eyes, using natural remedies often to attempt to reduce the effect. In contrast, others learn new makeup techniques to try and temporarily conceal them.

What causes hooded eyes?

There are many causes for sagging eyelids, with the primary factor being the natural ageing process. The levator muscle within your upper eyelid is responsible for the lifting of this body part; as we grow older, this levator muscle stretches. With this muscle now slightly large, the skin encasing it is also pulled out of shape. Fat pockets become more prominent, and a drooping effect becomes noticeable.

In addition, the collagen and elastin levels in our skin reduce. This means that the amount of vital proteins that provide our skin with its elasticity and structure is significantly lower. Our skin, therefore, is unable to counteract the gravitational pull on the stretched skin of the eyelids.

In other cases, a person’s lifestyle and environment can also contribute to their hooded eyes. For example, jobs that are based predominantly outdoors can cause sagging of the eyelids more so than an office-based, indoors position.

Other factors of hooded eyes are smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, lack of proper nutrition and fatigue. In these cases, the skin tissue is starved of either a good blood supply due to blocked and narrow arteries caused by smoking, excessive drinking and fatty diets, or, with a lack of sleep because your body is not getting the time to repair.

For some people it is in their DNA. Due to their genetics, they naturally have more skin tissue on one or both eyelids. This can give them a sleepy-eyed, seductive look; however, excessive hooded eyes can cause visual problems when left untreated; this is known as ptosis.


Ptosis is the medical term for a hooded upper eyelid. When one eye is affected, it is referred to as unilateral ptosis and if both are affected, it’s bilateral ptosis. Ptosis can, depending on its severity, block or significantly reduce a person’s vision depending on how low the upper eyelid droops down, and how much it covers the pupil. In most cases, this condition can resolve itself naturally or from medical intervention.

Sometimes ptosis occurs due to an underlying medical condition, such as a stroke, brain tumour, or cancer. If only one eye is affected, the ptosis could be a result of a nerve injury or a temporary stye.


There are several ways that you can get rid of your hooded eyes on a more permanent basis. One way to remove hooded eyes is by having eyelid surgery known as a Blepharoplasty. This is a permanent solution but it comes with a whole host of risks, as most operations do. It is also a very costly procedure. The risks range from infections, scarring and bleeding to more serious issues such as problems when closing your eyes, double vision and, in worst case scenarios, loss of sight. If your surgery goes ahead with no risk, there is a two week recovery period until the bruising and swelling has reduced. On the other hand, there is another less-risky option with PDO Thread-Lift Treatments. Our minimally invasive thread-lift procedures can achieve the same results as a blepharoplasty surgery for a much smaller cost and minimal risks. This means that you can achieve your desired result with the help of our expert professionals without having to risk your sight or spend two weeks recovering. Our Collagen Thread Lift and our MINT Super Thread Lift are the new, non-surgical eye lift! These treatments begin by inserting medically-graded threads into the skin tissue of your hooded eye. Once secured, the threads are essentially pulled upwards, leaving them taut and taking years off of your eyes.
Polydioxanone (PDO) threads are surgical-grade threads created from a colourless, crystalline and biodegradable synthetic polymer. The PDO threads have a powerful effect of immediate lifting and stimulation of your body’s natural collagen and elastin. These effects will still have an impact on your skin for one to two years post-treatment. One of the advantages of a PDO thread is that they are made of a biodegradable substance. It takes between six to eight months for the thread to dissolve completely through a process called hydrolysis. By the time the threads have biodegraded, new fibrous connective tissues are established which maintain the lift and tightness of the skin.

PDO Thread treatments are designed to combat facial ageing and skin stress. Once inserted, the PDO threads become integrated with the support structure of the skin’s tissue; due to collagen synthesis which biologically rejuvenates the quality of the skin and slows down the ageing process.

PDO Thread lifts provide long-lasting and outstanding results in helping you to combat the ageing process and to rid you of your hooded eyes. Our non-barbed and barbed threads are created from protein-based substances enabling us to give you firm and tight skin through their natural components, while also helping to improve on your body’s level of collagen and elastin.

Book yourself a one-to-one consultation with one of our experts here at Thread Lift Experts, and together we can help you rid yourself of your hooded eyes. Our professional, clinical team will work with you, answering any questions or queries that you may have regarding your treatment.

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