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Double Chin

A double chin is caused by an additional layer of fat forming beneath the chin, regardless of weight or gender. This extra layer creates a ‘second’ chin effect, hence its name. If you would like to get rid of your double chin, why not consider our revolutionary thread lifts to tackle your submental fat on a long-term basis?

Causes of a Double Chin

A double chin will occur when a layer of fat around your neck sags; the skin sags downwards due to the gravitational pull and it begins to wrinkle and cause the illusion of having two chins. But, as we have previously mentioned, a person does not have to be overweight for this to happen.

When your skin loses its suppleness, it also loses its ability to support the fat around the chin. This lack of laxity happens as a result of our bodies producing less natural collagen and elastin as it begins to age. Collagen and elastin are essential proteins found in our skin and other connective tissues. These proteins give our skin its elasticity, plumpness and structural properties. With our skin becoming weaker from as young as 25, it is more susceptible to the downward forces exerted on its surface by gravity and, consequently, our skin begins to sag downwards.

Similarly, as we age, our muscle mass reduces. With weaker muscles in our chin, the skin around this muscle also weakens, and the skin begins to lose its posture. This sagging can contribute to a double chin as the skin hangs lower than usual. This creates the appearance of a pocket of fat around the neck, even if weight gain is not the reasoning.

Influencing Factors

An unhealthy diet is another common cause of a double chin. When someone regularly consumes more calories than they can burn off, these excess calories are then stored as fat around the body. The extra fat cells cause weight gain, and when stored around the neck area, they create a double chin.

If your diet is high in sugar, processed foods and unhealthy, saturated fats as well as being extremely calorific, your ageing process can be accelerated. With new fat cells being stored around your body, the collagen within your skin becomes under pressure and begins to break down. With less collagen, the skin becomes lax. This laxity, combined with any weight gain, can exaggerate the appearance of a double chin.

double chin treatments


Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence to prove that double chins can be removed through chin exercises. However, here at Thread Lift Experts, we offer a range of rejuvenating, thread lift treatments to help you get rid of your double chin.

Unlike the traditional face and neck lifts, our minimally invasive procedures achieve flawless results using PDO surgical grade threads that not only give you instant results but also help to stimulate your body’s natural collagen synthesis.

We are proud to be able to provide our clients with revolutionary procedures that have been developed to give our clients the option of non-invasive facial rejuvenation, but with the results of surgical procedures. The PDO thread lifts that we offer are treatments that promote the body’s natural production of facial elasticity.

They instantly give the results of lifted skin without the use of a scalpel removing any excess skin. Instead, our PDO thread lifts are inserted by our highly skilled and experienced clinicians, hooking the medical-grade threads to the tissue found underneath the surface to create a pulling effect.

Not only does this effect re-tighten the surface area, but the threads break down the fatty tissues found in the dermis of the skin. These fatty tissues are then rinsed out through the body naturally. Because of this process, the tightened skin re-establishes the structure of the jawline; leaving a chiselled and defined look.

As the excess skin on the neck is lifted, due to its composition, the thread has a positive impact on the surrounding skin. The surgical threads are made from Polydioxanone (PDO), a protein-based substance. After the thread lift procedure, the body’s natural healing process is accelerated. The blood flow to the treated area of the facial dermis increases; and, due to the production of fibroblasts, the creation of more collagen is stimulated.

This new boost of collagen improves the hydration of the skin and causes it to thicken and rejuvenate. The increase in the body’s collagen synthesis helps to prevent any future deteriorations for some time by strengthening the skin and giving it fullness. These factors also play a part in helping thread lift treatments to be minimally scarring procedures, unlike the traditional face and neck lift surgeries.

Thread lift treatments are suitable for most people, both men and women alike. However, to ensure that you’re fully suited to this procedure, a clinician will assess your skin’s condition upon consultation.
Prices start from £1500, however, it is very dependent on the area that is in need of treatment and how many threads need to be used.

A thread lift’s results last from anywhere between 1 to 3 years, depending on the initial indication and maintenance. A thread lift, already highly effective, is not a permanent solution to ridding of your double chin. However, in most cases, double chins do not return as drastic as they once were.

Book yourself a one-to-one consultation with one of our expert clinicians here at Thread Lift Experts, and together, we can help you understand more about our thread lift treatments and how you could free yourself of your double chin. Our professional, clinical team will work alongside you, answering any questions or queries that you may have regarding your PDO thread lift procedure, as well as reassuring you the entire time.

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