Cog Threads

Cog Threads

Cog Threads are a type of PDO-based thread lift treatment. They are commonly used for their lifting abilities of the cheeks to correct nasolabial folds, across the jawline to reduce the appearence of jowls, on the neck to eliminate sagging skin and along with the nose for a safe, non-surgical alternative to rhinoplasty.

PDO Threads can effectively strengthen the structure of the face, reduce roundness, lift sagging skin, neck, jowls and achieve an outstanding lift to the brow.

The Science of Cog Threads

Cog threads are made out of 100% Polydiaxonone (PDO), a medically-approved material that’s natural elements are already produced by the body. This substance is already widely used in medical suturing, making it a very reliable product and immensely popular for such aesthetic treatments. By being made out of PDO, its threads are safe, easy to insert, deliver excellent results and bare little risk.

Cog Threads are especially effective due to their modified barbed structure. As opposed to the generic monofilaments to barbed threads, a cog’s threads’ shape and abilities induce a higher chronic inflammatory reaction which encourages the release of a higher influx of fibroblasts during the wound healing process. Because of these effects, clients who undergo a Cog thread lift achieve longer-lasting and much more dramatic results after just one session.

During the procedure, local anaesthetic is administered to the client. Usually, 1-5 Cog Threads are then inserted into the problem area using a micro-needle. Once fixed to an anchor point, the threads are left to begin their process of repositioning the facial tissues. The blood flow is strengthened in the treated area, and the body’s natural healing process begins.

While healing, fibroblasts are produced at a high rate, which in turn, generate new collagen cells; collagen being a very prominent protein of the bones and muscles and the reason behind the form and quality of the skin. Collagen renewal is the crucial stage of Cog Thread Lifts; while these new collagen cells work in conjunction with the Hyaluronic Acid found in the threads, the fibroblasts bank the new collagen cells.

By baking them, they continue their effects for up to six months post-treatment, when threads are entirely dissolved.

Why Cog Threads?

Cog Threads’ primary focus is to tighten the skin, while also ensuring that it is rejuvenated. We recommend PDO Threads due to them being made out of a safe, reliable and clinically-tested bio-compatible substance. Thus, they reduce the likelihood of risks dramatically in comparison to a surgical procedure and guarantee no scarring.

Cog Thread’s will leave skin feeling and looking smooth, plump and tight, while also enhancing the skin’s tone and tightening pores. Treatments usually take up to an hour, making them a very convenient choice, and one that allows clients to resume their day post-treatment due to recovery time being minimal. Cog Threads have been known to work miraculously in combination with PRP, Fillers and Microneedling.

Cog Thread Treatment


Immediately, clients will notice a natural lift in the areas treated. This and skin rejuvenation will continue to improve over a period of two to six months post-treatment as collagen continues to be produced; leaving the skin supple, tight and lifted. The thread lift’s results will stay intact after the threads completely dissolve at six months.
Both men and women can undergo a Cog Thread Lift. Those who show signs of wrinkles of the forehead, drooping of the brow, visible jowls, sagging of the mid and lower face and loose skin on the neck are who would benefit from such a drastic but effective treatment.
This is very much dependent on the severity of the skin condition prior to treatment, the client’s age, the quality of their skin and the number of threads used. Studies have shown results lasting between eighteen months and three years.
If you’re looking for a thread lift treatment that’ll give you a significant lift, Cog Threads aren’t the ideal option for you. The MINT Super Thread Lift, one of the most recent advancements to the thread lift industry is able to attain a three-dimensional lifting effect through its threads’ patented modification.

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