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Ageing Skin

As we age, our body ages with us. Because of this, more and more aesthetic procedures are being sought out by individuals who are unhappy with how their appearance is deteriorating as they age. Whether its wrinkles, sagging skin or simply a lack of density, our facial structures and quality of skin can all be diminished.

The Causes of Ageing Skin

Our skin begins to age due to our body’s naturally losing their levels of both collagen and elastin. These structural proteins are what keeps our body from essentially falling apart; both are found in bones, tissues and the skin. In terms of the skin, collagen is what keeps the skin firm, as well as plump and glowing and elastin is what keeps it tight.

From as young as your early 20s, your body starts to decline in both of these proteins, which is why so many anti-ageing products include collagen-inducing elements and it is consistently preached about in the media to use them. Another supporting factor of our skin ageing is an unhealthy lifestyle such as a poor diet or smoking, as well as genetics and environmental factors.

Collagen Thread Lifts for Ageing Skin

Although its good to use a cream or gel of such a nature, a collagen thread lift procedure is able to rejuvenate the skin while also reigniting it with its lost proteins. When we define ageing skin, our automatic response is fine lines and wrinkles, as well as ageing spots; if you’re looking to combat these signs of ageing, a collagen regenerating thread lift such as our Collagen Threads is your best bet at attaining clear, smooth skin.

A Collagen Thread-Lift treatment solely focuses on the quality of the skin, as opposed to a MINT Super Thread Lift which dramatically lifts the skin too. During the procedure, a clinician will insert medical-grade threads into the dermis of the skin. These threads are smooth, rather than barbed because rejuvenation is their primary function. Once hooked onto facial tissues, these dissolvable sutures automatically trigger the body’s natural healing process. During insertion, the threads are essentially remodelling the skin tissues, and from this, trauma is caused.

Woman undergoing ageing skin treatment in Cheshire


From the diverse effects on the tissues that are previously mentioned, the PDO-based threads naturally relax the tendons in muscles found in the surrounding area to the wound. This is because Polydioxanone is also a protein which our body naturally produces anyway.

From the encouragement of new collagen and our muscles being relaxed, our body can be reignited with the rejuvenated protein. Banking collagen simply means keeping it for longer- for up to six months, while the threads fully dissolve, you will see the dramatic anti-ageing effects of these new collagen cells. With new collagen, the skin will begin to brighten, clear, smoothen and encourage an even skin tone.

After six months, the time it takes for optimum results to be acquired, clients can enjoy smooth, clear and plump skin. How often a thread lift is needed is very dependent on the client’s skin condition and how quickly they age.
The great thing about thread lifts is that they are suitable for almost everyone, but we do recommend that a client is over the age of 30 due to the nature of their abilities. By attending a consultation, we can fully determine whether or not you’re suitable.
Post-treatment, depending on how your body reacts to the sutures and what condition your skin was prior, will determine how quickly your visibly ageing skin will return. Maintenance is recommended on a Thread Lift; as they are non-surgical, they do not deliver permanent results.
If alongside your fine lines and wrinkles, you’ve accumulated a lot of excess skin, The MINT Super Thread Lift may be more suitable for you. A MINT Super Thread Lift is able to achieve a dramatic three-dimensional lifting effect through its unique patented barb design, while also rejuvenating the skin.
Again, depending on the scale of the area being treated, a thread lift usually takes anywhere from an hour. We aim to produce optimum results, and so, we do not give a time for treatment as it can vary.

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