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The term ‘experts’ isn’t loosely used when in regards to our thread lifting expertise. As Medical professionals who have carried out over 10,000 procedures during our Aesthetic Medicine Careers, we have the skills and knowledge to transform a client, as well as reinstate their confidence. We have been extensively trained in all of the different available thread lifts that exist today; such as The MINT Super Thread Lift, Collagen Thread Lifts, Silhouette Soft Lifts, NOVA and all PDO thread lifts. So, if you choose us to transform you too, you couldn’t be in safer or more reliable hands.

Our Medical Team consists of only Aesthetic Doctors and Dermatologists, so we have a fully comprehensive understanding of the skin; what treatment works best for each skin type, and how to counteract issues that arise pre, during or post-procedure. Also, our team is made up of doctors who are Ambassador and trainers of the some of the world-leading Thread Lift brands that exist today; meaning you will be provided with expertise that you won’t find elsewhere.

Restoration & Rejuvenation

Thread Lifts can be used to teat several different types of skin defects and conditions which is why we pride ourselves in being able to provide our clients with only the best versions that deliver the most excellent results in the aesthetic world today.

PDO Thread Lifts are revolutionary from their variable structures and tensile strength; they are able to achieve such impeccable results that the next surgical facelift hasn’t even accomplished. Being so reliable and versatile, they can address a plethora of concerns.

Sagging skin, wrinkles, fine lines and an overall dull, aged face can all benefit from thread lifts; depending on your skin defect, it will determine which thread lift is right for you.

For instance, if your skin is in need of a dramatic lifting effect, we have Moulded Barbed Threads on offer that are unbelievable in their anti-ageing results. From their structure design, they are able to create a seamless lifting effect that promotes cellular renewal and neovascularisation. On the other hand, if you are only in the early stages of ageing, and your skin hasn’t lost its entire density, we have Mono threads that only provide a slight lift, but instead focus on tightening the skin.

In other words, we have so many different types of thread lifts on offer to our clients; all we must do is assess a client’s skin so that we can prescribe the right treatment entirely to them. It is dependent on the indication and circumstance of their skin that we can recommend a procedure to suit their and their skin’s needs.

Enhanced Definition

The results that we are able to achieve with thread lifts go above and beyond any other anti-ageing aesthetic treatment. By stimulating the natural healing process when lifting the skin, we are able to create definition and reignite the skin with its youth. If you are wanting a seamless contour, a thread lift is for you.

In terms of moulded barbs, they reposition the fatty tissues found in the dermis and go under the muscle for an even more dramatic effect. This consequently gives the look of fuller skin, now that the fibroblasts created during the healing process have begun producing new collagen and elastin.

We can fully transform a clients appearence with a thread lift, whether that’s by ironing out creases or lifting the excess skin that is overpowering their natural face shape. From the beginning, this style of treatment has only improved in time, and our clients couldn’t be more impressed with the results.

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